130 plastic stacking chairs

5 soft cushion armchairs

15 tables 90cm x 75cm

12 tables 150 x 75cm



Crockery and glasses

65 medium/large dinner plates

30 dessert bowls

40 cups/saucers

50 mugs

40 standard size wine glasses

40 half pint glasses

14 pint glasses

10 sundae dishes

3 glass jugs

3 serving bowls


40 cutlery sets (knife,fork and spoon)

10 teaspoons


2 large capacity stove top cooking pots/lids

2 medium size saucepans

3 large frying pans

4 teapots – medium and large sizes

2 8L electric hot water urns

5 kitchen/chopping knives

ladels, serving spoons and slices

chopping board


Surface cleaner

Washing up liquid

bin liners

hand wash


cleaning cloths

The kitchen is equipped with two fire blankets and a fire extingusher

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